In my other life as a creative director for hire I wanted to come up with an interesting way of sending a seasonal greeting to existing and potential clients and friends in the advertising, marketing and broadcast industry. Christmas cards didn't seem right for an atheist cynic like me, so I decided to follow the dark path of the poster. I developed 4 x A4 prints (including one you saw in my previous post) and created a signed numbered edition of 30 of each to go out to unsuspecting clients, all packaged up in beautiful clear cellophane with a crisp business card. 
I think they should resonate with the recipients in one way or another. Lets hope they find them as entertaining as I did, otherwise that phone won't ring. Ever. It's a small town, and I'm playing with fire.

print #1:     cheers , you       bastards!

print  #2:   a   marketing   christmas

print  #3: let   it   snow

print   #4  :  you're    going     to      hell



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