For over 20 years I have been collecting Vinyl. My collection mainly consists of jazz, funk, soul and disco from the mid 60's to the mid 80's, plus loads of strange soundtracks and random findings from record and thrift stores from around the world. I love records. They are the books of music. I love the covers, the label art, the smell, and of course the sounds. My first music based print, Vinyl No.1 features label art from 12 singles that I love- here's some aural insight to bring it to on the titles to hear the tracks in all their glory

Who's Gonna Take The Weight was an early Kool & The Gang tune from their intensely jazzy / funky period, and was sampled by Public Enemy.

I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 needs no introduction. The Jackson 5 in all their youthful exuberance, with Michael tearing it up with his stunning voice.

That Lady Pt1 by The Isley Brothers is just a beautiful piece of Summer funk with a psychedelic spine running right through it.

Theme From S.W.A.T by Rhythm Heritage is a dirty piece of disco funk based upon the theme tune from the 70's TV show. They also did an amazing cover of the theme from the film 3 Days of The Condor - 

Future Shock is a beautiful piece of social consciousness funk from the dearly missed Curtis Mayfield.

Funky Like A Train By The Equals is a killer piece of deep dirty dancefloor funk from The Equals, featuring Eddy Grant (yes, him of "Electric Avenue" fame)
Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn by James Brown is a beautiful example of James in all his funky glory. I Love the lazy groove on this.

Crystal World by Crystal Grass is a legendary groove from the 1970's. You may recognise it as a sample from the "The Theme From S-Express" by Mark Moore 

Kings And Queens by Patrick Adams is a very rare 7" from the man whose body of work as a producer was absolutely stunning.  Any piece of disco music produced by Patrick Adams will be guaranteed to get a dancefloor going, and command a high price in the record shops. This is one of his earlier instrumental works, but here's an example of his disco mastery, 

Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield is just one of the happiest pieces of funky soul I can think of.  It's been sampled to hell, and I'm not surprised. Those drums kill me.  Enjoy.

Peace Pipe By BT Express is a funky protest song with a great groove. And I love the bus on the label! 

Who Is He And What Is He To You? by Creative Source is an amazing piece of dark funk from a group who made some of the most memorable funk of the 70's. I used the instrumental, but the link is the version with lyrics.

Well, that's the sound of my print! You can buy your copy of Vinyl No1 here, I'm sure there will be more music based Risograph fun to come in the future...



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