Welcome to my first blog post. i thought I'd kick off by sharing the story of my latest print: "Oliver Reed And British Engineering"
This print was inspired by some British car industry magazines that I have which originate from the 1930's. They were full of beautiful logos for car brands- much more ornate and emotive than the sterile minimal hi-tech shiny chrome car brands we're used to today, these were hand drafted and verging on the heraldic , full of love and pride. Very much like the illustrations in the adverts- wonderful drawings of batteries, gears , cranks, pistons and widgets, drawn with pens, ink and rulers. I decided to create a collage style print using some of these objects, and my search then led me to some 1970's architectural magazines in my collection... full of ads for brands of my youth- Duralay, Bri-Nylon and Gent clocks. I felt that these brands were as iconic as the old car logos- reminiscent of a time when British engineering and manufacturing was world famous.  Having cut out and prepared my chosen images, I felt that something was missing...My graphic elements were bold and mechanical, and had a Russian propaganda feel, so I decided to find an iconic image to complete the composition. Oliver Reed simply felt right- proud and defiant, he looks like a figurehead for a lost age- when men were men, had real jobs using their hands, and got smashed in the pub after work, smoked loads of fags, sang on the way home and got up to do it again. So a new print was born, an homage to a lost age where Ikea and Goretex didn't exist, but we did have the Bolton Gate Co. and Bri Nylon clothing. And Benedict Cumberbatch would've had his ass kicked by Oliver Reed- a British icon from another age.


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